• Alyssa Arlen Welcome to the

    Health Services Department



  • Mission:Teddy Bear Nurse

    • To support student success by helping each student reach his/her maximum health potential in the school setting by:

      • timely and accurate nursing assessment of students
      • intervention that is appropriate
      • evaluation and referral to additional services as needed
    • To contribute to a healthy school environment for all through:

      • infection control
      • accident prevention
      • health promotion and education
      • collaboration with school and outside resources


            Alyssa Arlen, MSN, RN   School Nurse   518-632-5222, option 7    E-mail Mrs. Arlen    


    • Incoming Pre-K student need proof of 4 DTaP, 3 Polio, 3 HepB, 1 MMR, 1 Varicella, and completed HiB and PCV series of vaccines
    • Incoming K students need proof of 5 DTap, 4 Polio, 3 HepB, 2 MMR & 2 Varicella doses
    • In addition to meeting the above requirements:
      • 6th Graders need proof of 1 Tdap & 2 Varicella doses by 9/5/2018
      • 7th Graders need proof of 1 Meningitis dose by 9/5/2018
      • 12th Graders need proof of 2 Meningitis doses by 9/5/2018 

    Please contact the health office for questions about immunization requirements.

  • Health Updates:

    Please keep the school nurse updated on your child's health status, such as surgeries, medications, illnesses/diseases or other conditions that may affect your child's school performance.  See the Medications & Health Concerns section for additional forms/ information that may be required.

    Emergency Contact Information:

    Please make sure you student's emergency information is completed each school year and updated as needed.