• Community

  • Hartford is proud of its community ties.  An integral part of the town, the school is often referred to as the hub of Hartford activity. 

    Family and friends flock to school events, enjoying activities such as our annual Talent Show, Grandparent Breakfast, and PARP Guest Reader Day.  Elementary students applaud the efforts of the PTA while hopeful graduates apply for grants and scholarships offered by area businesses.  The Alumni Association invites all potential graduates to its annual "Decades Reunion Dinner" and, in conjunction with the school, hopes to expand its efforts to track senior activity by creating a stronger web presence. 

    After-school hours find the athletic fields in use by the Hartford Youth Commission.  Various classrooms fill with giggling groups of Girl Scouts and boisterous Cub Scouts.  On Sundays, the Community Band practices on stage.  And once each month high school seniors hold community Dime-a-Dip Dinners.  Once a year, seniors move off campus to the Volunteer Fire Department to host their annual car show. 

    In August, however, we all "shut down" for celebration of the annual Washington County Fair.  It's a true blue ribbon community!