• 7th Grade

Keith Haring

     Hey Guys!!!I hope you are doing ok I home, I really missing teaching you all at school right now!! I am trying to come up with some fun alternative to our porjects that you will be able to do at home.  The first week I sent home the Biography of an artist named Keith Haring.  I am hoping that you read the bio, he was reall a super cool artist.  He was a graffitti artist that worked in the 1980s and was best known for his simple figures that he would draw all over the New York Subway system.  


    Week #1:

    Read the bio of Keith Haring.  Create 4-5 drawing of your own keith Haring figures to begin to learn how to draw these figures.  I have also attached some coloring sheets, these are for inspiration and to have a little fun and relaxation when you are home by coloring.


    Week #2:

     I am sending home, watercolor paper, a water color kit and some paint brushes.  Your assignment is going to be to take one of the designs from your first assignment and choose your favorite.  Draw that design and use the whole paper.  The next step will be to paint the background and the figure with the watercolor paint, get creative with your colors and mixing of colors.  If there is black in your kit, please do not use it, it will ruin the rest of the colors in your painting.  This is going to be all that I ask you to do this week.  Next week I will send home some more supplies for you to continue on this project.  I miss seeing you guys and I hope that you are all doing ok!!!  I will be working on getting the 7th grade page up and running on the Hartford website, I will try to start posting some of your completed artwork onto the page as well.  If you need anything at all please send me an email, scawrse@hartfordcsd.org, I check it often throughout the day!

    If you want to see his start to fame check out this video if you have access to the internet: https://www.cbsnews.com/video/from-the-archives-keith-haring-was-here/