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    First Grade--We are working on learning digraphs and blends and will be moving on to learning silent e. 

    Second Grade: We continue to review our phonics patterns daily. We read poems daily and use this to find sight words or phonics patterns. They have already learned that ea can say /ee/ and are now being introduced to the pattern of ea saying /e/ like in head. As time goes on we will add to the patterns that we will learn. Our time together will also consist of learning that we need to think as we read in order to understand what the author is telling us. The fancy term for this is metacognition! 

    Third Grade--Third Grade is the year where students start reading to learn rather than learn how to read. Therefore, we will begin working on comprehension strategies but continue to review daily our phonics patterns that need to be applied to our reading! 

    Fourth & Fifth Grade-They are learning how to break words apart by syllables. We also worked on accuracy with words that are very similar. One of the main goals as we read is to make sure our reading looks right, sounds right, and make sense. 



  • Important Dates for October, November and December:

    10/09-No school-Columbus Day

    10/20-Superintendent's Day

    November 9-Early Release Day

    November 10-Veteran's Day observed

    November 22-24-Thanksgiving Recess

    December 25-Holiday Recess begins

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