•        Mrs.Lawrence's Class


    Welcome to second grade!  This will be an exciting year for your child!  We work hard and you will be amazed at the progress your child makes throughout the year!  If you ever have any questions about what happens in the classroom, please do not hesitate to contact me.  Agenda books will come home daily and they are a wonderful way to communicate with me.

                                        Email: jlawrence@hartfordcsd.org

                                        Phone: 632-5222 ext. 112

    Tanager Pride

    Be Respectful

    Be Responsible

    Be Ready to Learn

    2022-2023 Daily Schedule 

    8:00-8:30  Agendas, morning work, spelling, daily edit

    8:30-10:40  ELA block, text, writing, skill work

    10:50-11:20  Lunch

    11:35-12:15  Math block

    12:15-12:40  Science/Social Studies/Snack

    12:40-1:00  Recess

    1:08-1:48 Daily Special

    Day 1 Gym

    Day 2 Music

    Day 3 Gym

    Day 4 Art

    Day 5 Gym

    1:50-2:20 Keyboarding/Music

    Day 6 Technology

    1:55-2:15 Review/Oral Reading

    2:15-2:25 Pack up

    2:25 Dismissal to buses



    Please join my ClassDojo text messaging/email group....cell phone







  •    Star of the Week!


    See you in January 2023!






    Monday    ELA, math

    Tuesday    ELA, math

    Wednesday    ELA, math

    Thursday    ELA, math


  • Reading Reading


    The class this year will be using a reading program called Ready Gen....I am very excited about it and more information will be coming!  Read, read, read!


    It is a great idea to have your child ready daily for about 15-20 minutes.  




  • Math

    This year the class will be learning from the CCLS aligned program called My Math.  




  • Fact Practice


    We practice our facts to increase fluency and speed.  Any practice you can do at home would greatly benefit your second grader!  Flash cards can be picked up at most dollar stores!


    Students will be working with XtraMath.com, which is a fact practice computer site.  Your child will be completing their work on this twice a week.  A letter will be coming home soon to tell you how you can access it at home.

  • Spelling

        Your child will be using the Words Their Way spelling program in second grade.  Formal spelling will be starting in a few weeks, with information to follow!

         Your child will be bringing home a spelling word list that they are to make part of their homework routine.  On Friday, your child will be given a spelling test of 10 words chosen at random....




  • Supplies

    Pencils/pencil box


    glue/glue sticks

    1 plastic homework folder (not blue or red)




    ! pencil sharpener with container




    September 30 - Tanager Pride day/Citizenship Assembly

    October 3 - Picture Day

    October 28 - Tanager Pride day

    October 31 - Citizenship Assembly

    November 1 - 11:30 dismissal P/T conferences

    November 10 - Early Release Drill

    November 11 - No school

    November 14 - 11:30 dismissal P/T conferences

    November 22 - Tanager Pride Day/11:30 dismissal/PT conferences

    November 23-25 - No school

    November 30 - Citizenship Assembly




    We collect Campbell's Soup Labels and General Mills Box Tops all year long!  Please collect and send into school!

  • Citizen of the Month

    September(Respect) - 

    October(Responsibility) - 

    November(Citizenship) - 

    December(Caring) - 

    January(Courage) - 

    February(Acceptance) - 

    March(Self-Control) - 

    April(Honesty) - 

    May(Fairness) - 

    June(Determination) - 

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