• Welcome to Mrs. Simmons'

    Kindergarten Class 

    Room 107

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    Email wsimmons@hartfordcsd.org      

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    Welcome to Kindergarten!  Although it is going to be a different year, we will continue to learn and do a lot of different activities.  My goal is to keep all the children actively engaged while following all of our socially distancing guidelines. I am going to outline some of the important information that you may need for the upcoming year. 


    • Students will start arriving at school at 7:45 depending on the mode of transportation.  I will be in the classroom waiting.
    • Students will be required to wear masks while on the bus and walking into the classroom.  The only time they can be removed is while sitting at their desk and everyone is 6 feet apart. 
    • Lunch will be in the cafeteria and we will be able to go outside for recess, until the weather changes.
    • The students will leave the classroom for specials except for Technology.
    • I will be encouraging hand washing and hand sanitizer use often throughout the day.
    • We will spend the first several days practicing and getting used to all of these new procedures.
    • Money for meals should be handled through the cafeteria.  I am sure you will receive information on that.
    • Mr. Cook has posted several "Back to School" videos on our school website and if you have not watched them I encourage you to do so.  


  • Supplies:

    We are asking that the kids have:

    Art shirt

    1 plastic pencil box

    3 boxes of 24 regular crayons                                                      

    4 large glue sticks

    Scissors (child's Fiskars)

    5 #2 pencils

    Erasers (not pencil top)

    1 sock

    1 package of FINE TIP dry erase markers



    FISH Folders

    We will be communicating through the use of a FISH folder.  The folder will need to travel back and forth between home and school every day.  Homework, calendars, money and any other important information will be in the folder.  


    Class Dojo

    This will be another form of communication. It is my intention to set everyone up using your email address.  If we go remote at any time this will be a very important mode of communication along with google classroom.  Please email me, so I have your email and I can get the ball rolling.


  • Specials:


    This year we will be operating on a Mon-Fri schedule.


    Monday -     Art

    Tuesday -     Technology

    Wednesday - Physical Education  (Sneakers will be needed)

    Thursday -    Music

    Friday -         Physical Education  (Sneakers will be needed)


    The kids will be leaving the classroom except for Technology.