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    Please check out the website Class Dojo! You can participate in your child's day. Mrs. Mobley and I post pictures, reward students for positive behaviors, and let students know what they need to work on We are close to 100% participation. All messages and announcements about class activities are posted there.



  • Math


    We use the My Math program. It is a fast pace program and homework will be based on the classroom lesson or review.


    Third grade students  need to learn their multiplication facts!!!

    Multiplication- Third graders are introduced to multiplication in the late fall. Students need to memorize their facts up to the 12's. We use a variety of strategies to help students learn and memorize facts. Students who have all their facts memorized will be invited back to the classroom for  lunch and ice cream party!

    You can practice facts almost anywhere and time. In the car, at dinner, before the big game or even during commercial of your favorite TV show. So get started!!!


    Multiplication Ice Cream Party will be scheduled in March for students who have learned all their facts!!!


    Supplies for third grade:

    • Pencils
    • crayons or colored pencils
    • erasers
    • glue sticks
    • scissors
    • two composition notebooks
    • one vinyl folder
    • one red, blue, green, and yellow folder
  • Special Schedule  1:08 - 1:48 Daily

    Days 2,4,6    P.E.                       Day 1     Art

    Day 5 Music                        Day 3 LibraryBook Worm