• Welcome to Mrs. Thomas's First Grade Class!

  • About Mrs. Thomas...

    Mrs. Thomas is proud to be a part of Hartford Central School's team of teachers.  She hopes to share her excitement for learning with the first grade students. 


  • Educational Goals and Objectives

    First grade students will learn many new skills this year.  Along with the more traditional subjects, students will be developing their citizenship traits as they work to become responsible, respectful participants in our world.  By showing students the pleasure and excitement derived from learning, it is my hope that all students will leave first grade with the goal of becoming a lifelong learner.

    Reading and writing skills go hand-in-hand.  The students will learn to read and spell many new letter patterns, words, and word families.  We will begin to understand and apply the punctuation and complicated grammar that make up the rules of our language.  As we write each day, we will use our letter/sound knowledge and our word knowledge to express our desired ideas.  Much of the text students are currently reading relies heavily on sight words.  Parents, please encourage your child to read often.  If you are ever in need of books, please let me know so I can assist your child in selecting some books that will be "just right" for them to read.

    Spelling: Student spelling success relies on daily practice at school as well as practice at home.  Each week, words are taught and practiced.  The class uses several word lists, each geared toward a student's individual level.  The word lists will get progressively more challenging.  Please help your child practice their spelling words each week.  Please know that our spelling program focuses on the spelling patterns. 

    In Math, we use the New York State My Math Program.  This great program leads the students through an exploration of many foundational math concepts.  To assist students as they build their fact knowledge, they will also use a fact practice program modeled after the "Rocket Math" program and the Xtramath online math program.  Students progress through the rocket math and Xtramath levels at their own pace with goals that are individually set.

    As part of our classroom community, we are polishing our character traits.  Each month, the entire school practices a different character trait and recognizes students who best exemplify that trait.  

    Our Behavior Expectations and Classroom Rules follow our Tanager Pride rules of “Be Respectful, Be Responsible, and Be Ready to Learn.  

  • Exciting Classroom Activities

    With each school year comes new friends, new routines, and new learning adventures.  Share the excitement of First Grade with your child:  read together at home, bake or build something together, or volunteer in your child's classroom.  Parents are great teachers.


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  • If you ever have questions about your child's education, please ask.  We are a team.

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  • Questions?  Please contact me, Amy Thomas

    For changes in dismissal plans, please contact the elementary office secretary by telephone as my email and phone may not be checked prior to the end of the school day.

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    You will be amazed by all of the great learning experiences we do in a day.