• Please feel free to contact me via email at ctalmadge@hartfordcsd.org or by phone at (518) 632-5222 x113.


    Try Google Classroom!


    Follow these steps!

    1. Go on Google

    2. Look to the right corner and you will see Gmail. Click on it. 

    3. Use your school email and password to login to Gmail.

    • Passwords and usernames are on the cover of your journal if you can't remember your information.
    • Here is an example: 29tuffytanager@hartfordcsd.org

    4. Once you are in Gmail, look to the right corner again. You will see a "waffle" which is a small rectangle of 9 dots.

    5. Click on it.

    6. Scroll down to the words, "Google Classroom."

    7. Click on our page, "Second Graders Rock!" You got into Google Classroom from home! 

    • The page you are looking at now is a streaming page. I might post websites or information that will be helpful.  

    8. Look at the "Classwork" tab at the top of the page. This is where I will give you assignments.

    9. Click on it and see if you have anything due. 


     *If you had trouble, send me a message on Class Dojo!