Jr./Sr. Chorus Concert

    May 18, 2023

    6:00 p.m.







    About me...

     I am the K-12 Music teacher for Hartford Central School. I graduated from Hudson Falls Central School in 1993.  After attending The College of St. Rose I graduated in 1997.  I began my teaching career at the Primary School in Hudson Falls in 1998.  I finished my masters degree in 2005 and joined the Hartford Community in 2009.  I live in Hudson Falls with my husband, youngest son and two cats.  Our oldest son is an OSSR in the United States Navy. 


     Contact Information

                  Please feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns through ldougher@hartfordcsd.org or 632-5222x201.



    Jr. Chorus members will need a pencil for all rehearsals.  Concert dress is white top and black bottom.

    Sr. Chorus members will need a pencil for all rehearsals.  Concert dress is all black.



    Jr. and Sr. Chorus Objectives:

    Choral education incorporates a variety of disciplines; therefore, a combination of performance based skills and academic content knowledge is essential. Objectives for this course are based on the New York State Standards.   Below is an overview of topics.

    Individual performance skills
    Ensemble performance skills
    Music theory (sight-singing)
    Explore cultural and historical settings of music performed

     Concert and Rehearsal Attendance:

    Chorus is a performance-based class; therefore, lack of participation will lower a student’s grade. All concerts and rehearsals are mandatory. A fine arts performance is a “team” activity; therefore, it is important that students uphold their commitment to their classmates. Information will be sent to parents in advance allowing for accommodations to be made. Grades will be based on the following:

    If a student is unable to attend a performance or rehearsal, written notice must be given in advance. It is at the discretion of the director to determine if an absence is excused. Please contact Mrs. Dougher in the event of an emergency.





    Jr. and Sr. High School Chorus  

    Grade Rubric

    Mrs. L. Dougher


    Course Goals:  To provide the music students with a positive group singing experience in which they will be exposed to several different genres of music. To teach students proper singing technique and music reading instruction.


    75 Points   Rehearsal Effort and Participation

    *prepared with music and materials

    *in assigned seat without gum/food in mouth

    *focused and concentrating

    *returning music promptly after a concert


    15 Points   Concert Participation (TBD)

    Concert participation is a requirement of the course.


    10 Points   Lesson Participation- 5 lessons

    Students are to attend five lessons during each quarter.  My schedule is shared on Google Classroom.