• Mr.MacDougall's Class


     Mission Statement:  Hartford Central School, a community of educators, students, parents and friends, dedicates itself to developing citizens who are productive and compassionate, and who, through their creativity and responsibility, will be assets to the greater community.


    Supporting your child at home and reinforcing the skills and concepts taught in the classroom is an essential part of your child's development and success in the classroom.  The ReadyGen ELA program will expose students to rich, authentic text that will engage them intellectually.  Students will be encouraged to think hard, dig deep and cite text base evidence in their reading.  The program is designed to help students understand the inter-dependency between reading and writing and begin to use it to become lifelong learners and communicators.

    In math, students will continue to expand upon the number concepts learned in previous grades.  Using the MyMath program, students will build fluency in math facts, use a variety of problem solving approaches to solve math stories and multi step word problems.



    "The best thing you can give your kids is your time."

    BethEllen Mannix

    Hartford CSD Elementary Principal




    Specials Schedule


    Monday - Music

    Tuesday - Physical Education 

    Wednesday - Art

    Thursday - Technology

    Friday - Physical Education

  •                                                   Monthly Character Traits

     September = Respect                                                                    February = Acceptance

     October = Responsibility                                                               March = Self Control

     November = Citizenship                                                                 April = Honesty

     December = Caring                                                                         May = Fairness

     January = Courage                                                                          June = Determination


     Please reinforce these character traits at home.  Each month, the student who best exemplifies the trait of the month is recongnized at a school assembly.  Don't forget to practice all of these traits regardless of the month.               

  •                                               Homework Schedule

                                             Monday = Math

                                             Tuesday = ELA

                                             Wednesday = Math, ELA

                                             Thursday = Math, ELA

                                             Friday = ------