• Students

  • Wondering what classes you will have in the new school year?  It's pretty straight-forward.  Most class lists are developed over the summer and mailed out around mid-August.  It's really just a matter of patience until the paperwork arrives.  Then, if you need to make any changes, your parents contact the guidance department.  Try to complete any changes by the end of the second week of class.

    If, however, you're one of those lucky middle or high school students who are offered electives, think back to May.  Guidance counselors came into various classrooms--usually English or Social Studies--to talk about your options.  Then, over the next few weeks, you were called down to guidance for your input.  Over the summer, the guidance department worked hard to fit each first-choice into the schedule.

    But there's more to school than just classes!  A late bus run on Tuesday and Wednesday allows students to stay after for extra help or to attend extra-curricular clubs and activities.  Sport practices begin immediately following the late sessions to make sure you have plenty of time to participate in all your favorite activities. 

    And don't worry that you might miss something important.  The morning and afternoon announcements will remind you of everything you need to know, including deadlines for sports physicals or information for purchasing tickets to the next dance.  With all there is to do here at Hartford, the year is sure to fly!