• Welcome to Mrs. Burch's page!

    Hello! I teach 6th grade English and Social Studies.

    In English, we focus on literary terms, short stories, novels, poetry, parts of speech, grammar, punctuation, and spelling throughout the year. The students have a monthly book report, weekly vocabulary packets, and weekly journals assigned to them in addition to their classwork. We will be working daily with a program called Collections and most of the material can be accessed through the students' accounts at my.hrw.com. If you can't access this website at home, no worries because they have all the information from the textbook too. In addition, they may also have other homework too. The students also have other projects to do as well that help them understand the importance of English in the daily use of lives.

    In Social Studies, we focus on geography and Ancient History. We explore the ancient civilizations of Mesopotamia, Egypt, India, China, Japan, Africa, Aztecs, Incas, Mayans, Rome, Greece, and North America. We also have homework in this class on an every other day basis. In addition, the students may have projects to work on that relate to the topic we are discussing in class.

    I will be using Google Classroom for the platform of English and Social Studies. In addition, we will also be using a few other sites (my.hrw.com and IXL). In addition, I will be using the Remind App to communicate with families about the classroom news and updates. 

    This will be an interesting year with so many new changes with technology, but we will get through it together. Please be patient with me as I learn all this new technolgoy! I am sure I will be learning a lot of the students and from you as well. Thanks for understanding and I do look forward to fun and adventurous year!



  • Schedule of English Homework and Projects


     English HW & Projects for the week of 9/14

     All homework is due by Friday:

    Journal - What's in a name? *We will be working on this in class together.






         Poster Book Report- Due 10/1

    Free choice, but must be at least 100 pages.    


  • Schedule of Social Studies Homework/Projects

    Social Studies H.W./Projects for the week 9/14  




    Tuesday: Watch video on Google Classroom and answer the questions. 




     Thursday:  Pick 3 items from around your house that represent how geography impacts your life.

    Bring it to the Google Meet to discuss.

     Friday:   Enjoy your weekend!


  • Supplies

    • Pens
    • Binder
    • Paper
    • Homework folder (to be shared with all the other classes)
    • Highlighter
    • Post-Its


  • Exciting Classroom Activities:

    In English, the students should be reading an outside reading book. Their book report is due November 30. This book is a myth. The book report focuses on character development. The students have a rubric with specific details.

    In Social Studies we are working on government. The students are busy researching, writing essay, and creating projects.

  • Monthly Book Reports:

    September- Due 10.2, Free choice, poster project with a focus on theme, conflict, and plot

    October- Due 10/31, Free choice, character suitcase with a focus character traits

    November- Due 11/30, Greek Books (I have a selection the students can pick from), create a puppet with a focus on character traits and development

    December- Due 1/3, Free choice, students will create a chain of events

    January- Due 1/31, Gary Paulsent (I have a selction to pick from), a character word art design with the focus on character traits

    February- Due 3/1, Civil rights (I will assign to the students), a thank you card postcard from the character's point of view

    March- Due 4/2, Holocaust Book (I will assign to the students), scrapbook page project with a focus on theme and plot

    April- Due 4/30, Free choice (I have a selection the students can pick from), postcard project with a focus on setting and plot character tie with a focus on character traits

    May- Due 5/31, Biographies (I will assign to the students), character ball/field trip where they will have to dress up and act the part of the person they read about.