• Welcome to the Transportation Department

  • All students in grades kindergarten through 12 are welcome to ride our buses.  Because our community is a small, well-spaced rural community, we have several specific bus routes but make only one common morning run through each route.  This allows all students to become familiar with their usual drivers and for older and younger siblings to travel together.  Each bus is monitored and we ask that elementary students sit toward the front.  

    Regular Monday-Friday afternoon runs depart promptly at 2:40.  Elementary students are dismissed ahead of middle and high school students and ushered to the buses, assuring safety and priority seating.  Should it become necessary to switch bus numbers for a route, students are alerted via morning and/or afternoon announcements.

    Tuesday and Wednesday, we offer a late run for those students wishing to stay after for academic assistance or to participate in extra-curricular activities.  Anyone staying after must be under the supervision of a faculty member or administrator who will supply the student with a signed green bus pass  The extra period finishes at 3:10, providing students the opportunity to visit their lockers before boarding the buses for the 3:20 run.  Students will not be allowed to board their bus without this signed pass.

    Like you, the safety and well-being of our students is our primary concern.  To that end, we carefully monitor weather and road conditions on a daily basis.  School closures are announced on local radio stations as well as television stations 6, 10 and 13.

    Should school be in session and weather conditions threaten to worsen, school will close at 11:30.  All afternoon and evening events will be canceled and all students returned home via their regular bus run unless they have an alternate address registered with the guidance department.  Again, should it become necessary to switch bus numbers for a route, students are alerted via announcement.

    Students wishing to deviate from their routine must have a parent or guardian notify the guidance department prior to any change.  This includes the decision to travel to a friend's or neighbor's house after school.  For safety and security reasons, bus drivers must have authorization from the guidance department before allowing any student to change his/her bus route or drop-off location.

    Those students wishing to drive their own vehicles must obtain permission from the high school main office.