• The board of education adopted three district-wide goals. The goals were developed in conjunction with the district’s Shared Decision Making Committee, and provide a new level of structure for district and building-wide planning on the allocation of resources. The board of education, district administration, and faculty, are now using these goals as a bench point for developing improvement strategies,and leading discussions on how to improve the quality of education at the Hartford Central School District. 


    Since adopting the goals, the district has implemented various strategies and professional development opportunities to help reach our stated goals. These goals will continue to be the driving force in enacting change, and helping the students of Hartford reach their full potential. If you have any questions about the district goals, please contact the district office at 518-632-5222.


    Goal 1: The Hartford Central School District will maintain a strong focus on literacy and math, with all students performing at or above their grade level.


    Goal 2: The Hartford Central School District will ensure that technology is used to support instructional goals, and students will be proficient at using technology tools for information gathering, processing, and knowledge construction.


    Goal 3: The Hartford Central School District is committed to developing, and expanding, meaningful relationships with faculty and staff, Board of Education members, parents, and the community of Hartford.