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       Foreign Languages - Humanities   2017-2018     

    Intermediate Spanish II

    Prof Merchy Barnard  

    Email: mbarnard@hartfordcsd.org                                                          

     ¦¡ ©  Course Description:

    As continuation of SPA 201, this course allows the student to work on refining their communicative skills and cultural knowledge.  Emphasis is on the mastery of conceptual uses of grammar, such as the indicative vs. subjunctive mood and a wider vocabulary to speak about current events in the media and workplace.

     Text: Fuentes, conversación y gramática fourth edition

     This course is for students that have less than 2 years in Spanish.

     ¦¡ ©  Student Objectives

      You will be able to make yourself understood through basic vocabulary and grammatical structures.  Our class time is for the practice of Spanish.  Try to use all you know to express yourself (no English please).

     You will have understanding of the many groups within Spanish speaking countries and know key facts about their history.

     You will be able to understand English better through linguistic analysis.

     A continual study of foreign language(s) will widen your career possibilities and broaden your understanding of international news and travel.

     ¦¡ © Classroom Courtesy:

     Please do not disrupt class with excessive chatter, the use of cell phones (texting), and/or any other behavior that undermines the learning process.  You may be asked to leave the class, be penalized in a grade and in due course can be removed from class.

     ¦¡ © Plagiarism:

    “Literary theft. Plagiarism occurs when a writer duplicates another writer's language or ideas and then calls the work his or her own. Copyright laws protect writers' words as their legal property. To avoid the charge of plagiarism, writers take care to credit those from whom they borrow and quote.”    An Ask.com Service “Plagiarism” http://www.dictionary.com.

    Please use citations when using other people’s words on a book, article, website, or any informative resource.  Violations of the Student Code of Conduct will result in a range of consequences such as an oral warning, Administrative withdrawal, leave of absence, suspension, and/or dismissal at the discretion of the Dean for Students Affairs/Dean for Academic Affairs. 

    Any degree of plagiarism in this class is penalized by a WF/F and immediate removal of class.

     ¦¡ © Class Participation:

     Your ability to learn Spanish is dependant on your effort to respond and participate.  Be ready to participate in activities at the individual and group level.  Participation is fully trying to use the material we have covered to express your ideas, ask others questions, your willingness to give answers, giving your opinion on a topic, describe an event, etc.  Preparation outside of class is key to your participation.  To participate you must finish all work by the corresponding due date.  There are many sources to aid comprehension (books, workbook, dictionary, library references, web sites, tutors, etc.)

    ***Be aware that all work should be authentic or your own.  Any dependability on online translators is not recommended for written assignments or presentations. You need to do your work, not the computer.  Be aware that at anytime during the semester, you maybe asked to redo your paper if it is found inconsistent with your work history or if it is found to be lacking your full effort.  If you find yourself having problems getting an idea across, see me for help at anytime.  We can talk about the assignments and strategies that could better help you to get your ideas across.  Do not wait till is too late! 

     ¦¡ © Where can I get help?

     There are many resources online and on our campus.  Help means another opportunity for explanation and application.  Please spend sometimes getting familiar with these resources, they are practical and Fun!!!

     On the Web:  Grammar practice   Conjuguemos.com     http://www.colby.edu/~bknelson/exercises/                              Culture                   http://www.artehistoria.jcyl.es/      Lanic.utexas.edu                                                     Dictionary                  http://buscon.rae.es/draeI                sinónimos.org                               


    ¦¡ ©  Attendance Policy:

     You are responsible to attend each class during the semester.  For this class you are given three hours of the semester for illness, appointments, technical difficulties with your alarm, etc.  There are no make-up dates for any Presentation and/or work for class.  Additional absences from class will result in a deduction of 5 points per each additional absence and could be the reason for a failing grade.  Punctuality is also important, please arrive on time for classes.

    *If you know you will not be able to attend class, please notify me before that date.  For emergencies please leave a message for me via email or phone.


    100-94   A


     93 -90   A-            89-87                     B+


    86-83     B             82-80                     B-


    79-77     C+           76-73                     C               

    72-70     C-            69-67                     D+