• Homework for the Summer

    *Fact practice: multiplication (1-12) 15 minutes a night!

    *Read 15 minutes a night!



    * For the ConnectEd homework helper or other fun ways to build on math skills, please see the "Useful Links" located on the left hand side. To log on to ConnectEd and XtraMath students have their login information in their agendas. If homework is forgotten in school it can be printed from ConnectEd, also. Homework not completed the night before will be completed during recess.

  • 4th Grade Curriculum in Ms. Lazore's Room



    Math~ Hartford Elementary uses the My Math Program. This program is common core aligned and the emphasis is on understanding mathematical concepts, not just the process. Every lesson contains a vocabulary focus, key skills, and word problems. Students are opened up to a variety of strategies throughout each lesson, along with each grade level as they continue to build on their knowledge through this program. For example, in 3rd grade students focus on learning their math facts and are encouraged to memorize them, now in 4th grade we will be learning multi-digit multiplication and long division. By having these facts memorized by the end of 3rd grade students will learn these new concepts much quicker and easier!

    What we will be learning this year:

    Place Value- through the millions

    Adding and Subtracting Whole Numbers- through the millions

    Understanding Multiplication and Division- learning, reviewing, and memorizing basic facts through 12

    Patterns and Sequences- finding, creating, and following rules for numeric and nonnumeric patterns and sequences

    Multiply with One-Digit Numbers- Ex. 56 x 7 ; 345 x 9 ; 4,797 x 5

    Multiply with Two-Digit Numbers- Ex. 63 x 98

    Divide with a One-Digit Number- long division

    Perimeter and Area- knowing the formulas and finding missing sides

    Fractions- finding and making equivalent fractions, simplifying fractions, comparing and ordering fractions, finding the LCM and GCF

    Operations with Fractions- understanding unit fractions (1 as the numerator), adding and subtracting like fractions (same denominators), and muliplying a whole number by a fracton

    Geometry- measuring and drawing angles, describing and classifying quadrilaterals and triangles, and symmetry

    Fractions and Decimals- tenths and hundredths

    Metric System- converting small units to big units

    Customary System- converting small units to big units


    Science~ We will be learning about Life Science, Physical Science, and Earth Science. We will read for information, watch videos, and complete in class projects and experiments to learn more about these different sciences!

    Social Studies~ Our social studies curriculum covers New York State. We will begin with learning about Washington County and New York State. From there we will study how New York began from the Haudenosaunee (Iroquois), NYS Explorers, and the colonial people.


    *Please review Mrs. Babson's page to learn about the 4th grade ELA curriculum, as she will be teaching this subject to all 4th grade students. If you have any questions with the ELA homework and/or curriculum please contact Mrs. Babson by email, kbabson@hartfordcsd.org , or phone 518- 632- 5222 Ext. 263.





    Students have been working hard and getting ready, since Pre-K, for these tests. In 4th grade we strive to not stress but to just do your best and show what you know!

    There will be an ELA, Math, and Science exam this year and they will be:



    ELA - April 3rd and 4th 

    MATH - May 2nd and 3rd

    SCIENCE Performance - May 23rd 

    SCIENCE Written- June 3rd




  • Common Core State Standards

    These standards require shifts in the way teachers teach and students learn from previously used New York State Learning Standards.

    *On Mrs. Babson's page you are provided with links to view these standards and additional information can be found through EngageNY.com (also found in "Useful Links).

    The common Core Standards for 4th Grade Mathematics identify three areas of focus:

    1. Developing understanding and fluency with multi-digit mulitiplication, and developing understanding of dividing to find quotients involving multi-digit dividends.

    2. Developing an understanding of fraction equivalence, addition and subtraction of fractions with like denominators, and multiplication of fractions by whole numbers.

    3. Understanding that geometric figures can be analyzed and classified based on their properties, such as having parallel sides, perpendicular sides, particular angle measures, and symmetry.


    Our classroom also uses classroom dojo as a means of communication from school to home. It is also used to encourage students to stay on task and follow our Tanager Pride, by allowing them to earn points as they show these traits throughout the day. 

    Parents are highly encouraged to sign up for classroom dojo by sending in an email that they would like to communicate through. Letters were sent home in September. If you need another please contact me.   

    Classroom Dojo allows parents to check in and see how their child is doing throughout the day, it allows parents to see different activities that are occurring throughout the day, and it is a way for parents to contact teachers and vice versa. 


    Students have the chance to earn Lazore or Babson Bucks throughout the day. This is another means of encouragement. If students are following out Tanager Pride, participating in class, and making good choices then they will earn a buck (or few). Students are then able to cash in their bucks for prizes. 


    During the school day, I provide students with "Brain Breaks." Studies show that students who receive physical activity during the school day perform better in school. As a class, we also discuss how crossing the midline of our bodies with our arms or legs helps the left and right parts of our brains work together. 

    GoNoodle provides us with a variety of videos to get up, move around, and even dance to. More information about GoNoodle can be found on GoNoodle.com. 

  • Fourth Graders Show Tanager Pride Everyday By:

    1. Being Respectful

    2. Being Responsible

    3. Being Ready to Learn

    Tanager Pride Parties will be held throughout the year to congratulate those students who meet our Tanager Pride expectations each day. Showing each of these traits everyday, along with completing homework assignments, will invite students to celebrate through these




    Soaring Tanagers

    September - Lyndsay

    October - Ares

    November - Brett 

    December - Audrey

    January - Kyla

    February - GABE

    March - MOLLIE

    April - DONNY

    May - TRISTAN M

    June - DESTINY





    I am so proud to announce these students who are striving to show these traits throughout the school year!


    September (Respect) -  KYLA

    October (Responsibility) - GABE

    November (Citizenship) - MOLLIE 

    December (Caring) -  LYNDSAY

    January (Courage) - BRETT

    February (Acceptance) -  TRISTAN M.

    March (Self-Discipline) - AUDREY

    April (Honesty) - NOLIN

    May (Fairness) - ANGELO

    June (Determination) - DONNY



    Birthday celebrations in the months of June-August:

    Destiny - 7/10

    Gabe - 8/21 



    Day 1: Gym

    Day 2: Art

    Day 3: Gym

    Day 4: Music

    Day 5: Gym

    and every other week an extra music or keyboarding

    Day 6: Library

    **Lunch: 11:20-11:50**


  • Supplies

    • #2 Pencils (Not Mechanical)
    • Erasers
    • Colored Pencils
    • 3 Solid Colored Pocket folders- 1 Blue, 1 Green, 1 Red
    • 2 Plastic Homework Folder- 1 Music and 1 Homework- any color or pattern
    • 2 Composition Notebooks- Blue for math and any color for ELA
    • 1 Pair of Scissors
    • 1 Pack of Dry Erase Markers
    • 1 Small Pencil Bag 
    • 1 Pair of headphones
    • 1 Highligher
    • Liquid Glue
    • Recorder for music, $6 to purchase one if you still do not have yours from 3rd grade
    Please NO binders/trap-keepers due to limited space in desks
    Please DO NOT label any folders or notebooks- this will be done on the first day of school

  • Contact Information:

    Email: Dlazore@hartfordcsd.org

    Phone: 518-632-5222 Ext. 267 *The phone does not ring during the school day --- please leave a message and I will return your call as soon as possible!