• Varsity H Scholarship Fund

    Mission Statement

    The Hartford Central School District Varsity H Athletic Scholarship Organization (Varsity H) was formed in 1994 to help provide financial assistance to the students-athletes within the Hartford Central School District who wish to attend or participate in a camp, clinic, tournament, invitational, league or program related to a school sponsored team.

    Application Process

    There are two types of applications for receiving financial assistance through the Varsity H organization:

    1.      School Sponsored Team: Any BOE approved coach may apply for financial assistance on behalf of their team for any “extra” or additional athletic opportunities that extend beyond the normal scope of the athletic department.  Specific examples could include: tournament entry fees or costs associated with playing at a neutral field.

    2.      Individual Student Requests: Any full-time student enrolled within the Hartford Central School District, who is in good academic standing, is eligible to apply for financial assistance in order to participate in a supplemental athletic activity. 

    Interested coaches and/or students must return a completed “Varsity H” application form and any supporting documentation to the Director of Athletics at least two-weeks prior the start of the event.  Examples of supporting documentation include: a copy of a personal check for the program’s registration or a receipt from payment to the activity.  Upon receipt of the application, the Director of Athletics will issue funds following the distribution table listed below. 

    Please Note: the distribution table is not binding and contingent upon sufficient funds available when the request is submitted.

    Distribution Table


    Level of Funding

    Individual Sport Camp

    50% of the cost, with a maximum payment of $100

    Travel Team (AAU)

    50% of the cost, with a maximum payment of $100

    Summer League – Individual

    50% of the cost, with a maximum payment of $25

    Summer League – Team

    50% of the overall team’s cost, with a maximum payment of $100

    School Sponsored Team

    50% of the event’s cost, with a maximum payment of $100 (Limit three events per season)


    Reimbursement Rule

    If a student is unable to attend or participate in the activity after receiving payment, the student will be obligated to provide full refund of this scholarship money.


    Appeal Process

    Students can appeal for additional monies or an exception from the “Reimbursement Rule” by submitting, in writing, a rationale to the Director of Athletics.  A committee comprised of the Director of Athletics, the Middle/High School Principal, and a current Varsity Coach who coaches a sport not associated with the request, will then convene and make a final decision within three business days of the appeal.


    Non-Discrimination Notice

    The Hartford Central School District Varsity H Athletic Scholarship Organization does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, creed, sex, sexual orientation, age, handicap, or as otherwise decreed by law.

    “Varsity H” Operating Procedures


    1.      All funds of the “Varsity H” are derived from the profit of sales from a beverage vending machine located outside of the gymnasium within the Hartford Central School District and from any private donations.

    2.      The Director of Athletics is solely responsible for the maintenance of the vending machine.  This includes, but is not limited to: stocking, ordering, coordination with the machine’s vendor, and reimbursement for “lost” money.

    3.      As necessary, the Director of Athletic will collect the machine payments and deposit the monies in the “Varsity H” extra-curricular account. 

    4.      All financial transactions will be completed through the Hartford Central School Extra-curricular Account with the Middle/High School Principal serving as the “Treasurer” and required second signature.


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