• The Hartford Central School District has a 4-year graduation rate of 89% (6% above the New York State average).  Our 2019-2020 graduating class of 26 students was comprised of a diverse range of post-secondary endeavors that included 31% attending a four-year college (at 7 different colleges and universities), 31% attending a two-year college; 8% pursuing technical education; 27% entering the workforce; and 3% joining the military.


    The district fully embraces technology to help further the education of students. Hartford has two distance learning rooms that connect with other school districts and college classes, bringing added diversity to course offerings. Chromebooks are assigned to all students to enable them to complete their online coursework. Additionally, students have their own Google Drive accounts for email, Google Classroom, Google Docs, etc.  This helps ensure compatibility and seamless communication between instructors and students, whether or not they are learning in person or remotely. 


    Beyond the courses required by the NYS Department of Education, the Hartford Middle/High School offers 10 electives, 1 Advanced Placement (AP) course, CTE programs, and the opportunity to earn college credits through the Early College Career Academy (ECCA), a partnership between SUNY Adirondack and the Washington-Saratoga-Warren-Hamilton-Essex BOCES. Students can enroll in many courses not typically offered in smaller schools.  There have been several instances of Hartford graduates entering college with enough credits to completely satisfy two semesters of classes. For students who have completed their respective WSWHE BOCES programs, they are able to further their education or enter the workforce with a head start because of the knowledge and skills gained from their experience.