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    Agriculture Program

  • "Don't let your learning lead to knowledge,

    let your learning lead to ACTION!"

    -Jim Rohn

  • Veterinary Science

     This will be a full year course that focuses on the skills and knowledge required to become a successful veterinarian.  Safety and sanitation will be addressed in relation to zoonotic diseases and other highly contagious animal-to-animal diseases.  Veterinary terminology will be taught and then applied as students explore anatomy and physiology.  Students will have the opportunity to dissect different anatomical structures of common animals.  Clinical exams, determining an animal’s health status and basic hospital procedures will be discussed.  The parasitology unit will address common parasites and the diagnostic laboratory procedures needed to treat these ailments.  Office management and laboratory techniques will be taught. We will also discuss current trends and potential career opportunities within the field of veterinary science.

  • Landscape Design & Greenhouse Management

    This will be a full year course with a focus on successfully and efficiently managing the school’s greenhouse.  Basic greenhouse management techniques will be discussed including integrated pest management, hydroponics, fertilizer requirements and other production management options (such as organic versus inorganic).  Students will create and manage a crop that can be used to supplement the school cafeteria’s lunch menu.   The second part of this curriculum explores landscape architecture and design.  Students will be taught the drafting skills necessary to create their own landscape design project.  Tree, shrub and flower identification and selection will be addressed as well as design skills and techniques.  Students will learn how to interview and interact with their clientele so that the needs and wants of the client are satisfied with their design plan.  The culminating project for the students will be to choose a design, order the trees, shrubs and flowers and to complete the project to the client’s satisfaction.

  • Environmental Science

    This is a full year course that explores our environment and how humans can affect their environment in a positive or negative way.  Tree biology and identification will be discussed as well as modern forestry techniques.  NYS Wildlife identification, behavior, management and protection of current populations will be addressed.  Students will learn about our alternative energy sources as well as stewardship techniques that assist in maintaining clean water and soil systems. Management practices used specifically in the Adirondack Park that address wildlife, plants, recreation and industry will also be taught.

  • Mechanical Science- Small Engines & Electricity

     This will be a full year course that teaches basic small engine concepts as well as the skills required for basic maintenance, troubleshooting and repair.  Engine structure, mechanics and part identification will be addressed as well as fuel source options including cutting edge alternative fuel options.  Two and four stroke engines will be discussed with advantages and disadvantages included for each engine type.  Students will have the opportunity to dissect an engine and explore the inner mechanics while using their classroom knowledge to measure and identify the parts and their role in the mechanical process.  The second unit in this curriculum will include basic electrical wiring.  Electrical terminology and safety will be addressed as well as simple wiring techniques through laboratory exercises. 

  • 6th Grade Technology

    This is a half year course that attempts to teach students how to use critical thinking skills to solve problems as well as basic engineering skills.  We discuss the history and evolution of technology throughout the ages.  We study the history of rockets and space exploration and build model rockets.  Alternative forms of renewable energy are taught with a focus on solar energy, followed by the building of a solar car by each student.  Students also choose from a variety of other project such as: mousetrap cars, wooden towers and hot air balloons. 

  • Classroom Rules:

    * Bring a positive attitude & your ability to "think outside the box" to class.

    * Always demonstrate an attitude of respect toward your instructor as well as your classmates.

     * Don't take yourself too seriously...

    Kyle as a 6th Grader & Miss Stewart

  • Grading Policy:

    All classes are graded using a points system. Each assignment, test or lab is given a point value based on the content requirements.

    (For example: Tests are usually worth 100pts; a Classwork assignment may be worth 20pts)

  • Supplies Needed

    • Writing Utensils
    • 3-Ring Binder
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