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Message from Superintendent Cook

January 4, 2022


Dear Parents and Guardians, 


On Monday, January 3, 2022, the district received our shipment of rapid tests from New York State. The accompanying guidance indicated that these tests can be used to support our upcoming “Test to Stay” program, as we as for the continued on-site screening of symptomatic students and employees. 


These test kits are also available for you to use at home with your child(ren). However, NYS has only allocated one test per child. Additionally, please be aware that the at-home test kits do not impact a student’s ability to attend school. If a student tests positive with an at-home test, the Washington County Department of Health will require a second lab-confirmed test to be administered from a healthcare professional, a clinic, or through our school to verify the result. If a student who has COVID-like symptoms tests negative with an at-home test kit, that student is not eligible to return to school until they have a lab-confirmed negative test.  In essence, the at-home test kits can only be used for a one-time self-monitoring. However, with that said, If you would like a test kit to use at home for your child, please contact the main office to arrange a time to pick up a test kit.


In the next few days, the district will introduce our “Test To Stay” program. This program will allow students who have been identified as a contact of a positive student through a school exposure to continue attending school for the 10 days they would be quarantined so long as they meet certain criteria. The district will send out additional information on our “Test to Stay” program in the coming days once the plan is approved by the department of health.


As a continued reminder, students or staff displaying any COVID-like symptoms or who are not feeling well should follow the NYS DOH guidance for returning to school.


As always, I continue to appreciate your patience and support as we work through this challenging time together.


Andrew Cook
Hartford Central School District