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Update On Masks

June 6, 2021


To All Parents / Guardians:


As you may be aware, on Friday, June 4, 2021, Dr. Zucker, the New York State Commissioner of Health, issued a letter to the Center for Disease Control, which outlined possible modifications to the daily operating guidelines for school districts; specifically this letter addressed the mask wearing requirements.  While this was welcomed news, it is important to note that this letter did not modify the existing guidelines, but rather offered what the modifications might entail, if the CDC provides NYS with authorization.  


Earlier today, all school districts in New York State received an email from the state education department that stated, “schools should continue to operate under their existing procedures until further notice.  No changes have been, or will be, made by the Executive until after Monday June 7 to afford the CDC an opportunity to respond to Dr. Zucker’s letter.”


However, as a county, the Washington County School Superintendents are extremely concerned for the safety of our students with the predicted high temperatures.  As a result, the Washington County School Districts will allow individuals to remove their masks, while indoors, as long as there is six feet of separation.  While seated at desks, students and staff may remove their masks; masks will be required for movement throughout the building.  While outside, if social distancing can be maintained, masks will not be required.


I remain hopeful that additional guidance will be issued soon.  In the meantime, I continue to appreciate your patience and support as we work through this challenging time together.






Andrew Cook


Hartford Central School District