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Information About Snow Days


November 16, 2020


To All Parents / Guardians:


As we begin to move toward the winter season, I appreciate there might be questions regarding the district’s use of snow days during the 2020-2021 school year.


When the 2020-2021 school calendar was adopted, the district made provisions to accommodate up to six (6) student snow days into the calendar. As part of the New York State Education Department’s (SED) COVID-19 response, SED provided districts with a one-year pilot to enable school districts to pivot to remote instruction to provide continuity of instruction on what would otherwise be a day of closure due to weather. However, at this time, the Hartford Central School District does not plan to participate in this pilot and anticipates to call snow days as needed. Depending on how the school year plays out, the district may have to adjust our strategy. However, at this time, our plan is to call snow days.


If you have any questions regarding the district’s use of snow days or your child’s education, I encourage you to contact the district at 518-632-5222.


I continue to appreciate your support of the district as we work through this challenging time together.




Andrew Cook
Hartford Central School District