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Message from the Superintendent

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October 14, 2020


To All Parents / Guardians:


The New York State Department of Health has issued a toolkit for school districts that contains information to help parents navigate when students should stay home from school, as well as the guidelines for when students who displayed COVID symptoms can return to school. These flow charts are easy to follow and can be found on Nurse Arlen’s page on the school's website; a link to these charts is also posted on the district’s Facebook page.


Also included in the toolkit is the definition for a new designation entitled: "Presumed Positive." A “presumed positive” case is when an individual is experiencing COVID-like symptoms and after a period of 48 hours has not received a negative COVID test, either by refusing to have a test completed or due to a delay in the lab, and/or has not received an alternate diagnosis from a medical provider. If the district is aware of any “presumed positive” cases, we are required to contact the Department of Health so that the contact tracing process can begin.


The Department of Health will quarantine a “presumed positive” case, but please note, the district will not close for a “presumed positive” unless directed to do so by the Department of Health. Additionally, the district will not be notifying the community of a “presumed positive.” However, I wanted to provide this information in the event that there are “presumed positives” in the district.


As more information is provided to the district, I will make sure to keep you as informed as possible. Thank you for your continued support to the district; especially during this challenging time.


If you have any questions, please feel free to contact the district at 518-632-5222.



Andrew Cook

Hartford Central School District