• 5th Grade Band with Ms. Williams!

    Be sure to check the Documents Manager to view lesson schedules! 


  • Welcome To Band!!


    • RENTAL is $30 for Brass & Woodwinds & $15 for Percussionists 
    • Woodwind Players will need to purchase reeds for their instrument:  Brand -Rico, Strength -2.5 
    • Brass Players should have Valve Oil (Trumpet) or a Slide Sprayer (Trombone)
    • Percussionists need to purchase Wood Tip 7A Drum Sticks
    • Lesson Books and Music Supplies are available at Triads Music 793-2848. Your child will need Measures of Success Book 1 for their assigned instrument. 
    • Monthly lesson schedules will be posted on my bulletin board and my door.  Extra hard copies are always available to students on the bulletin board.  I post a copy to this website under Document Manager - Lessons Schedules.


    Lessons are on a 6 Day rotating schedule so that students are not always missing the same classes.  Your childs group will always happen on the same school number day example on Day 1.  The time will alternate each week between 11:00-11:30 and 11:30-12:00.

    Full Band Rehearsals

    Band rehearsals will be beginning in September 2017.  Students will have a scheduled band rehearsal during the school day - Day 1 from 1:50-2:25. 

    Parents:  As you start this exciting new journey please understand that the first few weeks may produce some interesting sounds.  I assure you these will gradually go away all together! I have included some practicing tips with the welcome packet and it can also be found under the documents manager section to the left of this page.

    • Please be understanding and kind, it helps to set up a location for your child to practice 
    • Just some tips:  Bathrooms, garages, or basements tend to echo...profusely, a room with lots of fabric and carpet will help soak up the sounds better.
    • A metal folding stand will help your child during practice time.  They are available for under $15 in a multitude of color options at Triads Music center.  I strongly recommend this purchase!
    • Please do not attempt instrument repair! Instruments are far more fragile than they appear.  I have been trained and there are some things that I still don't do, if I have trouble I send it out to be fixed by a professional.  I have spares for this very situation!
    • If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact me!!
  • KarateBand All-Stars

  • Practice Tips for Students

    1.  Practice often and regularly

    *  20-30 minutes per day is recommended.  
    *  It is often helpful to practice at the same time every day. 
        For example,
    before school, after school, or right after dinner.

    2.  Find a suitable place in your home to practice
    *  Look for a place where you will not be interrupted by distractions like the phone,
        television, or other family activities.
    *  It is helpful to practice in front of a mirror to check posture and techniques such as
        correct embouchure (lips, mouth), mouthpiece position, and instrument position .

    3.  Practice Good Posture
    *  Sit up straight or stand tall and practice with a music stand

    4.  Strive for a pleasing sound
    *  Never feel discouraged about hearing unusual sounds. Your sound will improve as you
        develop your musicianship!

    5.  Practice small sections
    *  Practice slowly and repeat difficult sections before playing the entire piece.  

                                                   The Practice Cycle

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