• Welcome to 5th Grade




  • Fifth grade is sure to be an exciting year!  Throughout the year, students will be working towards achieving their own goals, as well as meeting the Common Core Learning Standards.  The year will provide hands-on learning experiences, technology-incorporated lessons, and exciting projects to increase student engagement.  I have high expectations for my students and students will be asked to work hard and give their best effort 100% of the time. I encourage parents to be involved in their child's educational experience and with your support, we can provide a positive learning experience for your child!



    Week of 11/19

    Monday: Spelling; cut, sort, write

    Tuesday: Passage/questions

    Wednesday: Spelling; 3 activities

    Thursday: Signatures 

    Friday: Optional homework



    Reader Response Questions




    Elementary Grading Policy





  • Please visit NYS's website for more information:



    The Common Core Learning Standards for ELA identify 6 shifts in learning for students. These shifts are supported in the classroom and can also be supported at home by working with your child in the following areas:

    1. Read as much non-fiction as fiction

    2. Learn about the world by reading

    3. Read more challenging material closely

    4. Discuss reading using evidence

    5. Write non-fiction using evidence

    6. Increase academic vocabulary


  • Tips for Reading at Home  


  • Tanager Pride!

    Be Respectful, Be Responsible, Be Ready to Learn



    *Please follow these rules to be invited to the Tanager Pride Parties throughout the school year!


    Congratulations to our Citizens!


    September (Respect): Nathan B.

    October (Responsibility): Madalyn B.

    November (Citizenship): 

    December (Caring): 

    January (Courage):  

    February (Acceptance):  

    March (Self Control): 

    April (Honesty): 

    May (Fairness):  

    June (Determination):





  • Important Dates


    11/21-11/23: No school; Happy Thanksgiving!

    11/30: Citizens' Assembly and Tanager Pride Day 

    12/5: Last day of Trimester #1

    12/7: Parent/Teacher conferences; 11:30 dismissal

    12/10: Parent/Teacher conferences (until 6:00); 11:30 dismissal

    12/14: Parent/Teacher conferences; 11:30 dismissal

    12/18: Tanager Pride Party #1 for grades 3-5

    12/20: Citizens' Assembly 

    12/21-1/1: No school; Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!


    *We always collect Box Tops for Education!




    Feel free to contact me at nscott@hartfordcsd.org or 

    at 518-632-5222 ext. 266


    *Please note that my classroom phone will not ring during school hours. If there is a change in bus/pick up information, please contact our school secretary, Mrs. Nims at 518-632-5222 ext. 101. Thank you! 


    Class Dojo

    We use Class Dojo for communicating with families and for encouraging positive behavior. If you would like to sign up, please let me know!