• Welcome to Mrs. Mobley's Third Grade Class page!

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    Just a reminder:  If you would like to be a mystery reader in the classroom at any time during the year please call, message, or email me and we'll arrange a time.  THANKS!

  •  Spelling


    Your spelling list is glued to the bottom right corner of this week's agenda pages .  Choose ten words each night to practice with the homework activity.  If you choose a different set of ten words each night it will provide practice with all 20-24 words.Please make sure your child is practicing different words each night.  It will help the patterns become more obvious.   




    Weekly Homework Monday-Thursday

    Monday:  abc order, reading, math

    Tuesday: red and blue spelling list, reading, math

    Wednesday: Let's Spell, reading, math

    Thursday:  Rainbow spelling list, reading, math


          Each day our "star"  will stamp the agenda page after the homework assignment is written.  If we don't have homework that will be noted, and also announced on Class Dojo.  

  • Supplies

    • pencils
    • crayons or colored pencils
    • erasers
    • glue stick
    • scissors
    • two composition notebooks
    • one vinyl folder
    • one red, blue, green and yellow folder


  • Please call me anytime. 

    The number is 632-5222, ext. 271