• Hello and welcome to 5th Grade Band! Lessons are held the same day every week from 11:30-12. Students are expected to eat their lunch, and then come to their band lesson. Instruments and lesson books are provided to your student. If you would like to purchase your own instrument, you can talk to Mr. Searles at Triads music. The book they use is Essential Elements 2000 and it is specific to their instrument. Students are expected to practice a minimum of 5 minutes per day. This not only builds their musicianship, but also the muslces used to play the instrument. I am very excited to start making music with your child! If you have any questions at all please feel free to email me at mvandervoort@hartfordcsd.org or call me at (518) 632-5222 ext 202. 


    Band is a fun way for students to express themselves through music. I look forward to hearing the creative thoughts your child has, and the way they progress over time. Students are expected to come to their lessons every week if they are in school. They are also expected to practice at home as frequently as they can (starting with 5 minutes a day, and progressing as they build the muscles in their face). Students will be sent home with practice charts where they can keep track of how long they practiced and what they practiced specifically. I would like these to be signed at home and I will check them every lesson. Students will further the knowledge they have learned in music class and apply it to the music they are learning. Every single member of the group is important and will add to all of the wonderful sounds a band has to offer.