• Homework

    Students generally have homework Monday through Thursday. Students are also expected to read each night for a minimum of fifteen minutes. Twenty minutes is preferred.


    Mondays: Students typically have a grammar worksheet for homework. Students are also given a fluency reading passage to read each night and their spelling words for spelling practice.

    Note: Students may earn extra Class Dojo points by completing spelling practice from our "Spelling Grid" that is also sent home on Mondays. Spelling grids are optional and are due each Friday.

    Tuesdays: Students are typically given a grammar or reading comprehension sheet on Tuesdays. Students should continue to read and practice spelling words.

    Wednesdays: Writing Wednesdays! Students will be asked to write a paragraph about the books they are reading at home. During January the assignment changes to students completing a "Book Review." 

    Thursdays: Students are asked to be prepared for the spelling test on Thursday. Once January comes, we begin our Star of the Week program. Students write to the Star of the Week for homework on Thursday nights. Students also need to be ready for their spelling test.

    Fridays: My hope is that the students to play outside over the weekend, spend time with family, and read!